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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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former presidents and presidential candidates. all this week on the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, what started as a lone wolf investigation into a series of attempted bombing has erupted into a stunning tale of an afghan immigrant who made repeated trips to terror hot spots raising serious questions about who exactly he is connected to. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. we've had a lot of news break in the last hour all of which we'll bring to you right now, and also some crazy new video coming in. over the past two and a half days, authorities have been piecing together clues as bomb plots and attacks in both new jersey and new york. it all started saturday morning in new jersey as folks gathered for a run to benefit service
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members, a bomb exploded. fortunately no one was hurt. but later that night in neighboring new york it was a much different story. at approximately 8:30 p.m. local time, a pressure cooker bomb, remember hearing about that in the boston marathon bombings, went off in manhattan shattering windows injuring 29 people. just a short time later, terror again struck america, ten people at a minnesota mall injured in a stabbing spree. the suspect there was taken out by an off-duty officer. just hours later another bomb would be spotted in new york. this one blocks away from the first one. fortunately it was safely removed. but the very next night two men found another five bombs near a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. they alerted police. at about the same time near a new york bridge, authorities were stopping a quote vehicle of interest in the investigation into those manhattan explosions the night before.
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five people were questioned but none is facing any charges this even. meantime, back in new jersey -- [ explosion ] 1:00 a.m. local time one of the bombs near the train station detonated as the authorities tried to disarm it with a robot. by 7:30 a.m. today the feds believe they've zeroed in on the suspect, 28 years ak mad rahami. they found the man who they believe is the suspect who had been sleeping in the doorway of a bar and we just got this video of what happened next. [ gunfire ]
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>> hi's still moving. he's still moving. he's still moving. >> a wild shootout that left two officers injured before the suspected terrorist was finally taken into custody in video that is you tonight complete with former fbi director in charge, new york congressman peter king and james woo woolsey. we begin with katherine reporting live from washington. >> tonight the fbi is focused on rahai rahami's travel saying that the frequency of the trips were not suspicious at the time.
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and has number of trips did not show he had help the finance the flights. the fbi is now investing who he met with and whether they a plan to siege. he immigrateds to the u.s. when he was 7 years old, a naturalized citizen. the victim alleged that ra ham my showed signs of radicalization. the fbi followed up on the lead but there was not enough to pursue it and the original allegations were withdrawn. here's how the fbi described the contact at today's news conference. >> there's nothing to indicate that currently he was on our radar. we had a report of a domestic incident some time ago. the allegations were recanted and i don't have any other information. >> police say they're not looking for other supports or a broader cell, they're running down leads from the new york city surveillance video you see
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here with the pressure cooker bomb exploded injuring 29. >> we identified -- we have a video of two persons who picked up the bag, took the device out of it and then walked off with the bag. now we went back to see where they came from. they looked like they were two gentlemen just strolling up and down 7th avenue at the time. we have no information that would link them to this at all. however we still want to talk to them. >> base odden the initial forensic review, two government sources say the bombs look like the work of an amateur rather than someone who has formal hands-on training because the damage and injuries today could have been so much worse. >> as investigators piece together what drove this man to plant multiple boms in new york and new jersey, there are new alarming pieces of information to take into account and they involve his pakistani wife and reports of a brother who openly voiced support for islamic jihad. we go to trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom.
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>> despite ahmed rahami not being on the list of someone who had been radicalized, friends saw it different. . he used to be a normal guy who wore sweats pants and t-shirts. but a 27-year-old who grew up with rahami told fox news when he came back, he had grown a beard and was much more reserved. >> his apernt was difference. he was more religious than back then when he dressed like a normal person. >> the mother of his daughter told he used to be the class clown but became a dead beat dad who hated gays, the military and railed against american culture. the mother of his child here in the u.s. says he had a wife and child in afghanistan.
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but today new jersey democratic congressman says the wife was in pakistan because in 2014 rahami contacted his office for help in getting her to the u.s. watch. >> did he wife ever get to the united states? >> i assume she did. at the time she was pregnant and in pakistan they told her she could not come over until she had the baby. she had to get a visa for the baby. >> and the l.a. times is reporting that the pakistani wife has left the u.s. a few days ago but how now be found in the united air emeritus. the vehicle was pulled over because it was seen leaving a location associated with the alleged bomber. all five have since been released and the police won't comment about them facing other charges. we know that rahami has two
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brothers. saying, i bring the men who desire death as ardently as clear as you desire life. and today the father of the suspected bomber told nbc news he had no idea his son was doing this. megyn. >> trace, thank you. a lot to unpack. joining us now to help us flesh it out, peter king, a republican and member of the homeland security committee. congressman good to see you tonight. >> thank you, meg. >> narrator: let me start with you broadly because you're somebody who gets briefed on this kind of thing. what are we missing here? as this unfolds today, this man apprehended, what's your take on it? >> first of all the police and the fbi did a great job. they pretty much have this narrowed down, i'd say by late sunday afternoon, sunday
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evening. terrific police work. i don't think it's over. hopefully this is it. hopefully he's the only one involved. but i do know that the police and the fbi, they are looking oversea to see if there's any overseas influence or involvement. they're looking at if there's anybody else in this country involved. we don't know for certain that he's the only one. about 10 bombs were made all together. he had to bring them back and forth in one day from new york -- from jersey to new york, two stops in new york and then the bombs back in elizabeth. so this is -- it's not definite that he was operating by himself, that he was a lone wolf. the investigation continue to see if there are other people involved or is there anyone on the loose out there. >> especially given what we're told is the size of his apartment above the chicken restaurant which looks tiny with one window, a one window air conditioner and the question is whether this man by himself in that apartment made all of the bombs by himself with nobody else noticing and managed to do
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this, you know, under the radar of anybody. but is there the possibility of a terror cell in new jersey? because authorities waived the news media off of that today. >> i have no independent information but i think we have to assume there's always a possibility of that, especially when you see his activity. and the fact, as you say, that he was able to construct these bombs, at least 10 bombs. lives in a small confined area. got the materials, he had to get the gun, how did he get it. it's hard to believe that no one had any idea what he was up to. so whether it's an active cell or people faciliitatfacilitate, other way, all of that will be fully investigated. you have to assume the purpose of the investigation, i believe there could be more out there. >> you know, we talk about cracking down on immigration. it appears that the man who spotted him pass out in the vestibule, the bar was himself an immigrant.
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it's a wide net. we got to be careful, do we not? >> we have a nation of immigrants. i'm a grandson of immigrants. when it comes to people coming from countries which are controlled by terrorists or have influence, the level of vetting should be higher than it is from somebody coming from sweden or denmark. >> but this guy immigrated here when he was 7, right with his parents. he was 7. he went 21 years without doing neither roar acts as far -- nei attacks as far as we know. >> just generally coming from a country where there's a strong terror influence you have to be careful. what's the story with his brother, his sister, his mother and father. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> joined now by former assistant of the fbi and a man who's worked terror investigations in the past. good to see you. where would you start to find out if this is indeed a lone
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wolf because of trips to pakistan or afghanistan or the mother of his child said he disliked america, hated gays and thought that american culture was offensive or whether this is something bigger? >> why don't we start right there. how many times have we talked about this. we have to have more imagination. we have to take the political correctness not only off the fbi and the police but off of the citizens in general. why wasn't this called in and why wasn't it taken seriously. we've talked about before the fbi not having the resources. i don't want to get into detail but i can tell you point blank they don't have the resources. why are we not dealing with this issue. this administration apparently is not going to deal with it. they could care less. >> we mock political correctness a lot. sometimes we can be completely mockable and irritating. but in a situation like this, the neighbor and the friend, i
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guess, say -- let me get it straight. yes. somebody who knew him said he disappeared for a while, he went to afghanistan, "the new york times" reporting, when he returned some patrons at the chicken restaurant noticed a transformation. he grew a beard and exchangeds hi typical wardrobe for stra additional muslim robes, began to pray in the back of the store and became more stern. and the folks who watched this didn't way to say anything because they knew how it would be seen. >> you just answered your own question. why did these people not call in. how many of these bombs need to go off. what are we going to do when one of these bombs kills 100 people or 1,000 people, a chemical weapon or a biological weapon or god forbid a nuclear weapon. we have no control over our southern border whatsoever.
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i mean serious about this? i guess we got to wait on the next administration. hillary clinton today is talking about, you know, making sure that the people who come in get vetted. that's the first time i've heard that from anybody in that party. but absolutely. i mean we all came from somewhere else. my parents came -- my grandparents came from somewhere else. my wife's came from somewhere else but that doesn't mean we have to be stupid. that means we need to be smart about who's coming here. and those changes you just described, either the public has to tell us that in the chicken restaurant, the relatives or the local police. this guy came up on the radar. >> and had been traveling frequently to pakistan and afghanistan. >> to, what i understand, the taliban controls afghan that. so right there alone, i'm sure the fbi -- i'm not blaming
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there. i was there. i don't second-guess that. but they don't have the resource to deal with all of this stuff. and i've said this at least 50 times on national television. >> jim, always appreciate your perspective. thanks for being here. >> thank you. hillary clinton did talk today about we need to be careful in the vetting that we do of immigrants. she has said it before, the rhetoric today was sharper. we've got more breaking news. we just got it in moments ago. reports now of a handwritten note left near one of the bombs in chelsea, that's an area of new york city that did not explode, that mentioned the boston marathon bombers. we'll show you what it says and run it by colonel tony schafer and brad thor. and woolsey joins us on the breaking news, over the fight between trump and clinton. and we have early guidance on how this may play with the voters. we're 50 days away from a presidential election, folks and
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breaking tonight, we're getting a new video tonight of the terror suspect accused of planting a series of bombs in new york and new jersey. here he's trying to take off after police caught up to him in lyndon, new jersey. we're learning more about how the suspect managed to build a number of devices that each had the power to kill any number of people close enough to the blast radius. rick leaven thal is live tonight. >> reporter: a pressure cooker bomb, similar to the one used by the boston marathon bombers with, it injured 29 people when it went off. then there were two pipe boms in new jersey, including seaside park and then the device on 27th street, another pressure cooker bomb left inside a duffel bag. a couple of guys picked up the
9:21 pm
duffel bag and took the pressure cooker out of it apparently to steal the duffel bag and they left with the bag but left the pressure cooker on the street. a woman came outside, saw the pressure cooker on the street, he's a photographer, came down here and then she said she couldn't get the other pressure cooker out of her head. she looked at it again, took pictures of pit. she was corned because there were wires coming out f it. she called the police and the bomb squad told her to run, which she did. it did not explode. and then last night in elizabeth, new jersey, at the train station there, a couple of guys got lucky. homeless guys picked up a backpack, it was heavy, thought i was filled with valuables. walked 800 to 1,000 yards until they noticed the wires coming out of the backpack. they called the police who sent in a robot to check out the bag and that's when one of the pipe
9:22 pm
boms detonated. they're not only lucky to be alive but also may have saved hundreds of others. >> thank you. coming in to us moments ago, reports of a handwritten note found near one of the unexploded bombs, not yet confirmed by fox news. making illusions of the boston marathon bombers who also employed pressure cooker bombs. joining me now, the author of "because they hate" and brad thor. good to see you all. so let me start with you, colonel, on this. and this guy who is 28 years old, immigrated here from afghanistan when we was 7, kept going back to afghanistan and pakistan. you heard the description about the apernt that he was becoming more devout of those trips.
9:23 pm
>> that's not the fist time we faced this. after the 9/11 attacks we were a joint operation looking at al shabaab because there were graetd radicalized communities in places like detroit and minneapolis. so we prevented this sort of thing from happening, even though al qaeda was trying to do it, by the fact we did the hybrid operations with the fbi. i can't go into details because they're classified. we saw the radicalization going on, we were able to work with special operations command to do some exotic effective things 37 this is not the fist time we've seen the pattern. so what we're seeing here, megyn, it's not a lack of capability or understanding of how radicalization happens or how to get ahead of it, it's a policy decision to not do the right thing to get ahead of it. >> there's a question if she kept traveling overseas and did have a brush with law enforcement, the woman dropped the charges but he had a brush
9:24 pm
with law enforcement that was violent and going to terror hot spots, then he comes back and what would have happened if the cops or the fbi looked into him and found this mother of his child who said he hated the u.s. military, by the way one of the boms was placed at a marine's race, he hated homosexuals, two of the bombs were placed in chelsea, an area popular among gay men and lesbian women. >> all of the signs were there. it's not like they didn't know him. they were familiar with him. they had his pictures. immediately they put it up on national media. he was on the radar. they could have saved lives if they would have done their job. the problem again, it's coming down from the top. it's the policy, the blind is leading the blind. they can only do certain things. they are forgiden from taking action when they know they need to take action lest they lose their job or be reprimanded.
9:25 pm
it's the policy of the obama administration. >> brad, some in the media are coming out saying hey, be a new yorker, be cool. this is what happens. i actually think it's a testament to the safety of america that people are so alarmed by this still and that this isn't just oh, another day, another bombing. because then you're israel. with all due respect and love to our friends in israel, this is how they've been living for a long time except they're more prepared. >> we've talked about this before, and that is my biggest fear that we end up under a constant state of siege like israel. and probably one of the biggest disservices that was done to new york and new jersey was the dismantling of the nypd's demographics unit. you know we need to be penetrating muslim communities not to entrap people, harass them or violate their civil liberties, but we need to put the agents in there to spot the things. we need trip wires. and political correctness is
9:26 pm
forcing us to pull out all of the trip wires. you don't know this is going to happen until it happens. that is the most dangerous things facing america right now. >> what do you make of the reports of the bombs having hmtd in them, making a powerful bomb, very deadly. >> this was a dry run. this is something that he was trained to do. i'm sorry, this was not a lone wolf. the fact he went forward -- and brad is correct. i can't confirm what he was saying but that's kind of what we were doing before. this is not monks coming together and doing something in china flying back. this is a group we know who they are and where they're at. what he did, they're using new explosives in new ways and testing to see what happens. this was a dry run. you can darn well expect to see more of this unless we get more aggressive to look at how to get ahead of these folks.
9:27 pm
it's not just profiling the population puppet's penetrating them with intelligence. we've got to get ahead of them. simply keeping up with them, people are going to die. they're going to try new things to get around it. >> that is one of the question we have, what has the administration done to find these needles in the hay stack since we saw these terror attacks in orlando and elsewhere thank you all for being here. we've got new details from the terror attack inside the mall in minnesota and more about what the suspect there was saying to people. former cia director james woolsey is here along with former obama adviser on the terror d what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's
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9:32 pm
threat we face. but first, our senior correspondent mike tobin who is live tonight. mike? >> reporter: police have just confirmed the identity of the attacker, dahir adan. it was just this time on saturday night when he walked into the mall. witnesses say he referenced ayala. he asked one of his victims if he was a muslim before hacking him with a knife. an agency went to twitter saying one of the ids lambic soldiers had carried out this call. he was executing a call for lone wolf attacks. investigators here cannot make that connection. >> as i talk to you today, we haven't uncovered anything that would suggest anything other than it was a lone attacker at
9:33 pm
this point. >> reporter: now we don't know of any warnings that adan was radicalizing or could be violent. he was on nor student in high school, went to a local college studying information systems. his only run-ins with the law were minor traffic stops. >> here's just a taste of how the terror issue played out on the campaign trail today. >> the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular isis. >> the president of the united states or my opponent and both won't even say the words radical islamic terror. >> donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists, right? >> you don't hear a plan from him. he keeps saying he has a secret plan. the secret is he has no plan. >> hillary clinton is a weak and
9:34 pm
ineffective person and i will tell you, if you choose donald trump, these problems are going to go away far far greater than anybody would think. believe me. >> in moments we'll speak with former c ix a director james woolsey. but we begin with austin gools by. good to see you. >> hi, megyn. >> whenever something like this happens people want account abo -- accountabili accountability. what has your boss done since the 0 land do terror attack to make sure we find these needles in the hay stack? >> well i think they've done a
9:35 pm
number of things, most of which has you know are absolutely top secret and they don't want to broadcast what websites they're checking, how they're tracking people or putting hard intelligence on the ground or infiltrating. but they're trying to apply heightened scrutiny and monitoring the communications of terrorists, domestic terrorists as well as abroad. >> and when you hear donald trump out there saying base chi you will be safer with me and you know that as a traditional matter republicans are favored on issues of national security and terrorism, she rates a little higher than she does on commander in chief. how does this play as you see anytime the upcoming election? >> well i think -- we can look in the polls. the latest polls quite unusual as you say by historical
9:36 pm
standards. hillary clinton is out-polling donald trump on what do you think would be better dealing with terrorism. and i'm not surprised by that. i don't know if you are. i think donald trump is a guy that screams out at you almost literally as a person who has major self control problems. and you do not want as commander in chief in a major crisis somebody with self control problems. he's proposed nuclear rising saw day arabia, kidnapping the families 0 those suspected of being terrorists, carpet bombing those in the middle east, bombing the oil fields of iraq as well as banning muslims from the united states and things like that. now all of those are not the way that you confront terrorism. you cannot fight a war on terror without allies and you can't go around alienating all of the
9:37 pm
allies, threatening to withdraw from nato and not put yourself in trouble. >> i think the latest poll shows her less trusted than trump when it comes handling terrorism. james woolsey, last week he became the senior foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign. so, ymaybe all of that stuff tht austin said is right but right now people like trump's policies, he talks tough about immigration, and not letting in immigrants from terror-ridden areas without more screening. that would not have necessarily prevented this family from being here. >> that's true. this fellow i think came to the united states when he was 7 years old. >> a new jersey guy. >> but whether it's from a culture in another country even when transplanted with the
9:38 pm
united states still fosters some terrorist individual, or whether it's people who flslip through e immigration net even though they have a dark background and so forth. we aren't going to succeed at this, i think, just by setting up individual barriers, individual hoops to jump through. we've got to have a systemic approach. and the best model i can think of, some of what they did is relevant to this situation, is the operations of the giuliani and kelly with the broken windows approach, trying to keep things from getting out of hand. >> there are reports that isis is having difficulty recruiting westerners who live here. they don't want to help kill americans. >> that would be great.
9:39 pm
we want to wish all ill to them. but i think that we're going to have to be far more involved. the police and the fbi and the investigating agencies. >> communicating more. >> right. >> let me ask you this. trump comes out saying that the obama/clinton doctrine of not taking isis seriously enough has emboldened terrorists around the world. is that true? >> i think it's not just isis that the obama administration has not taken seriously enough. it's the whole notion of -- who said you may not be interested in war but war may be interested in you. and everything from their failure to name islamic terrorism to their continually saying that everything is fine because we've killed bin laden to their devotion to the
9:40 pm
narrative rather than to the facts, fiddling around with the facts so they fit into their narrative. all of that is really part of the problem. we didn't fight world war ii that way. that's the way you fight something if you don't mind losing. and the obama administration -- >> it's interesting you mention that term. just today josh earnest said we're in a narrative fight with isis. low and behold, that was your word tonight. great to see you. so donald trump jr. sent out a tweet about a terror just a couple of hours ago and it is couple of hours ago and it is blowing up the what is success? couple of hours ago and it is blowing up the is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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>> joining me now, the new, i'll tell you what, airs sundays here
9:46 pm
on fnc. good to see you. >> that came out well. >> i tell you what. i've been listening to it for 10 years. okay. donald trump junior sent out a tweet, i don't know. the kids keep getting hit for things they do. he puts himself out there more than others. inappropriate? helpful? >> helpful in this way. if donald trump can use his kids to speak to an audience that trump shouldn't be seen in public speaking to, people who tweet white national means and stuff like that. if you can take care that have small, but important core group of supporters by having your son deal with them. >> general says we can vet these syrian refugees. he really, i mean, he's in the a huge hillary clinton person, but
9:47 pm
he really believes we can vet them. i want to ask you this. i'm looking at the polls, and it turns out most of the polls actually show that she is more trusted when it comes to handling terrorism. but one poll said he is more trusted but listen to this. the q-poll says clinton supporters, 29, trump supporters 68. >> what does that tell us? >> it's higher today than it was after september 11th. it's the highest, ever. you know, that is partly you see worries of a catastrophic attack. opposed to a lone wolf one. now, you see lone wolf are everywhere, making up a cyber
9:48 pm
pack. one thing i want to say about the trump junior tweet, it's clever, like, okay. it's serious. >> problem is, you find out you left those in your pocket, those skills are used. okay? it's not like you can make a choice. >> you know what i mean? >> yes. >> and they're in your pocket so there are two separate discussions. bringing in more syrian refugees is one thing, but naturalized american citizens, like the terrorist from yesterday, an american citizen. >> what does this tell you? that she's ahead of him, he's one point ahead in the fox poll. >> they're tied fundamentally on the question of handling terrorism. that tells us is that it's good news for her. in may, trump led in our poll by i think 16 points in may. now, it's down to a die.
9:49 pm
it's good news for her. people become concerned in their peaceful, normal, plain, bread sandwich communities there could be a guy that shows up outside of the limited and goes berserk, that changes people's thinking. >> her whole thing has been slow and steady wins the race, experience, experience, experience which has been against her until now. >> he does benefit from being the out party candidate, the one for change. if you're worried the current administration hasn't done enough to protect you from possible future attacks you can look to a donald trump and said at least he will try something different. and you can actually muster up emotion about it. it could, i think it's tied and i think this could maybe go either way. but i think the debate next
9:50 pm
monday night is critically important on this issue. >> it's going to focus on national security. we'll be there live, broadcasting d-erino. what president obama has to say about all of this next. [sfx: cellphone vibrating] do you want to answer that? nah, i'd never with a kid in the car. it's ok. i'm not here. [sfx: phone vibrating multiple times] i'm there. [sfx: tires screeching]
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up next, what president breaking news tonight.
9:54 pm
there is a video that we hope we are getting outside of a meeting that donald trump had with the egyptian president, which comes as critics tonight are questioning how in obama handled the weekend events, staying mostly silent until today when he praised the first responders and asked reporters to, quote, show restraint. trace gallagher has the lead. live from our west coast bureau. trace. >> reporter: megyn, 56 minutes after the bomb exploded in chelsea the president spoke at the black caucus in d.c. he made a joke about isis and at the very same time a young somali man was accuse have had going on a stabbing spree in minnesota that wounded ten, that was claimed by isis. on sunday night the president appeared at a fundraiser blocks away from where the bomb exploded. the president went after fox news, rush limbaugh, donald trump and again no mention of the attack.
9:55 pm
later that night five pipe bombs were discovered in new jersey. as the news was breaking in the arrest of suspected bomber, the president made his first public comments about the attack, offering prayers for the victims, praise for police and scolding the media. watch. >> it does not help if false reports or incomplete information is out there. so try to as much as possible stick to what our investigators say because they actually know what they're talking about. >> reporter: and although new york governor andrew cuomo already called the attacks terror and the president had spoken with cuomo, in obama did not use the same description. instead he referred to, quote, explosions. megyn. >> we would be repeating mayor de blasio who said it wasn't terror, which of course now we know it was. trace, thank you. we will be right back. ♪ my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes.
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larry sabado has revised his
10:00 pm
crystal ball electoral map, and how. he will be here tomorrow night with new projections. you won't want to miss it. go to thanks for watching and this is the kelly file. everyone. i'm megyn this is a top news alert. terror rocked the united states this weekend. welcome to "hannity." 28 year old ahmad rahami, a naturalized u.s. citizen born in afghanistan, captured by police today. he is suspected of setting bombs this new york and new jersey. we go to fox news as rick leventhal is standing by with what is happening. rick, what is going on? >> reporter: sean, remarkably fast work by law enforcement who caught rahami after a shootout in new jersey, just three hours after the fbi released his photo and 48 hours after the pipe bomb went off in seaside, new jersey. the blast here in chelsea injured 29 people,


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